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Six Great Online Wallet Options

Before you dive in and buy your first crypto coin, you will want to setup a wallet to store your coins on. Many online wallets provide a lot of great services, but they should be used with caution. They are not the best wallet type in terms of security. Explore some other wallets that may be better for longer term storage of higher value investments on our 5-wallet type article.

There are a lot of online wallets on the web that can hold your coins. Here are some that I personally use regular and have had great success with.


QoinPro is an online wallet that is still in its beta stages. One of the coolest things about QoinPro is that they give you free coins in various currencies every 24 hours automatically. You don’t have to log in or anything it just keeps growing, slowly. The more people you refer to the wallet and the longer you have been on the site you get bonuses to get more coins deposited daily. It is certainly worth making an account and seeing what the future holds. They have more information on their site about their plans of having a scalable multi-coin online wallet.


**You and I both will get an extra $10 when you deposit your first $100 when you click the link.
Coinbase is an online wallet that most everyone in the cryptocurrency industry has at least heard of. It is one of the largest and most used wallets available. One of the most attractive benefits of using Coinbase is the ease of use, availability, and the exchange aspect. With Coinbase you can not only store your coins, but also use it to purchase coins. They currently offer four cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. They also have a mobile application for additional ease of use and accessibility.


Cryptonator is a great online wallet that you will you to setup and store 19 different currencies. This is great for microwallets because you will need a lot of different wallets to run utilize the benefits of obtaining microcurrencies. Cryptonator also has an exchange that will allow you to exchange the coins on your account, moving them from one coin to another instantly at the current market value. For website owners and online stores they also have some great tools that you can use on your website like a merchant account and API tools.

Blockchain is a well known and well trusted online wallet. They recently just added a mobile application for their users as well. You are limited on the various cryptocurrencies, because they only offer wallet storage for Bitcoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash. They have a good interface and layout to make it simple to use. The exchange feature is a little limited also, having a minimum amount required to exchange (.02BTC at time of writing), and the exchange is not instant. It has taken up to an hour for an exchange from BCH to BTC for me.


PotWallet is a simple online wallet for Potcoins. They offer a user supported exchange which can be useful for anonymity. I have used the exchange numerous times to sell but not to buy as of yet, mainly because I have not had the need. The exchange is user supported making all the transactions various amounts, so you can get some good deals depending on your location and what you are trying to accomplish. You will most likely need this wallet for any microcurrency wallets that you have setup as well.


Although Freewallet is commonly used as a mobile wallet, I only have experience with it as an online wallet. I mostly use this wallet for my mining at Minergate. They will allow you to withdraw to Freewallet with no fees and then I usually transfer elsewhere after I have some coins built up. They currently offer 23 different currency types and you can exchange them within the website for no fees.

Keep your security in check…

You will want to be cautious of any online wallet, they are in the headlines constantly about scams, hacking and loss of coins throughout the cryptocurrency community. Ensure that you do your research and only use online wallets for short term and low coin values. Those are the main online wallets that I use frequently. There are many other online wallets available, and a lot of the online wallets have mobile applications. I will be talking about some of those wallets on the mobile wallet list.

Let me know if you have any other good recommendations that I should check out in the comments!


Six Great Online Wallet Options
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Six Great Online Wallet Options
There are a ton of online wallets available for short term use. Here is a list of 6 that we use and would recommend checking out for yourself. Ensure you use the proper security methods to make sure your coins are safe while exposed on the web.
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