One of the best ways to make yourself more informed and to really contribute to the crypto industry is to talk with other people within the industry. There are a lot of different chat groups and forums that you can join to become apart of their community. Here are some of the best.


Discord originally was made as a freeware chatting application for the gaming community. It has since developed a lot of cryptocurrency groups, creating a great source for crypto related discussion in both text and voice chats! You just download the software and run it on your preferred platform. Although it can be used in a browser, it is best used as software on your system. It currently has support for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Trading Discord Groups

  • The admin and content creators of SnipersTube started Hyped on Crypto after some issues developed with SniperTube's owner. The admin relocated into this group, bringing a large following. There is a reason this group is number 1 on this list. It has a lot of great people! They are very active at making Youtube videos and talking about trading cryptocurrencies in both text and voice chats.

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  • Originally a gamer, the main guy of this group does daily YouTube videos and has a large following. He is a little pushy with this Patreon system and getting other benefits from it. It isn't worth the money, just watch his videos and participate in the local community and you will be able to learn more about trading cryptocurrencies. 

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Pump and Dump Discord Groups