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The Best List of Mobile Wallets Currently Available for Your Smartphone

Mobile wallets make up for what they lack in security in their daily use and functionality. They are great on the go and allow you to use them to purchase things while you are out and about. They run via an application on your smart phone and are generally very simple and easy to use. Most Mobile wallets are also online wallets, and sometimes desktop wallets for even more added convenience.
Here are our recommendations for some great mobile wallets that you should be using.


This one is at the top of my list for one simple reason, it accepts AMEX. If you are an AMEX user you are most likely already aware that they are restricted in the cryptocurrency industry, not being accepted at a lot of places. Abra allows you us buy Bitcoins with your AMEX so you can keep getting those wonder points for free stuff! Its quick and simple to use.


Mycelium is one of the older mobile wallets. It has been around for a long time and still is one of the best and most secure. It has many features that you can utilize, including watch only (view your account and cannot pay any coins from it), hardware wallet integration, and an exchange for buying coins.
Coinomi is great app that supports a lot of different coin types. You can exchange your coins within the application. They offer no transaction tracking and no extra log/in and sign up procedures, you are can just use your wallet.


Breakwallet is probably one of the most popular apps, and has been around for a while. IT is open-source and is used for Bitcoin. I do not use this wallet mainly because of their security is not to my liking but it is a straight forward application with not much extras.

A few mentions that are both online, and mobile…


This wallet allows you to exchange a lot of coins simply and effortlessly. It is available in many different forms such as desktop, online and mobile. A lot of people use this app as a mobile source to exchange their coins and move their currencies.


Coinbase was mentioned in the online wallet section. They also have a mobile application that does all the same functions of the main online wallet except at your fingertips and while on the go. Buying coins from Coinbase is a very simple process and can be beneficial if you are needing that while on the go.


I will be covering GreenAddress in the desktop wallet article as well because it is also a great wallet for desktop operations. I use GreenAddress on my phone as my go to for Bitcoin purchases on the fly. It is simple and straightforward but it is used for only Bitcoin. It is called GreenBits on Android devices.


Blockchain is originally an online wallet but has now put out a mobile wallet that is open-source and is simple to use. It doesn’t have much to it and is just for simple transactions of Bitcoin.


Without a doubt there are more mobile wallets. These are just some of the ones that I have used or currently use daily. I do not use mobile wallets that often mainly because of their security risks. You may feel secure all the way to the point where your wallet is emptied in an instant. Just be careful and make sure to have backups of your information in case you lose your phone or it gets broken. Always use caution when using a wallet that is constantly at prey to the internet.


The Best List of Mobile Wallets Currently Available for Your Smartphone
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The Best List of Mobile Wallets Currently Available for Your Smartphone
Mobile wallets allow a cryptocurrency user to buy, sell, send and receive cryptocurrencies from their smartphone. This is a huge step into the utilization of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives.
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