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The Best Places to Make Your Paper Wallet

As the name might give away, these wallets are just paper. They hold your public and private keys on the paper. These are how many people stored cryptocurrencies before hardware wallets became the standard of cold storage. They are printed out from your computer usually using a generator. Some desktop wallets also offer the generation of a paper wallet so you can complete it totally offline.

Aside from the desktop wallet paper wallet generators, here is a few sites you can get your wallet:

Firstly, at the bottom of these sites you can download the site, you will want to download it, disconnect from the internet, run antivirus/malware firewall up, etc. Your regular security should be fine but those are just precautions if you are worried. Then open the file/site (index.html) and you can complete the wallet total secure and offline. You just go to the site, and move your mouse around to generate randomness within your keys. Once completed, you can print out your wallet. They have some options for printing. You can do it as just one paper with both keys, a fancy looking prettier wallet with both keys, separate wallets with the keys on separate pieces, and some other options. Simple and easy to use, open source and secure.

Wallet Generator

Basically the same exact process as above with one difference. This site can print 197 different cryptocurrency paper wallets. So before downloading the site, scroll down and on the right side in a green box you will see a list of all the wallet types. Not a very pretty setup, but its open source and free so…get what you pay for. Select your crypto you want. Once the new page loads, CHECK to make sure you got the right one, it should said your coin in the url bar, and also usually has the coin logo next to the title on the page. You download the source file at the bottom, disconnect the internet, run antivirus, firewall, go into a locked basement, and put tape over your webcam camera, or whatever you think you need to do for security, but just make sure you are offline at a minimum. Extract the zip, open the site page (index.html usually) and follow the steps to make your wallet.

Bitcoin Paper Wallet

Basically same as above the above sites, you can click near the top where it says generate keys and print paper wallet, it’s a green button, download the page at the bottom download link, and you can print your wallet same as above. This site also offers some extras like having a CD sent to your home with the software to make the wallet, plus some super cool extras like holographic stickers, and waterproof bags. Shipping is free and you can pay with BTC or PayPal. I’ve never gotten the stickers but I have always wanted to get them and do some gifts for my family with like small amounts of BTC on them, just seems like a cool idea. You can create BTC LTC and DOGE on this site.

That’s it paper wallets

Pretty simple huh? If you are tight on money, but need/want more security, a paper wallet is a great resource. They are super easy to make, and can be very secure when made properly. Just to reiterate some tips:

  • Download site files to use offline, don’t make the wallet on the website itself while online. This totally defeats the purpose the paper wallet.
  • Ensure you are in a private location
  • Make extra copies and store them in a safe location. Not your nightstand, more like a SAFE or your underground bunker?
  • Put it in a plastic bag-Both yours and the copies.
  • Consider a tamper proof seal for your backup wallets. These are stickers that go on the wallet sealed and if it is tampered with, the tape will change color or leak dye, so you know when someone has touched or messed with it.
  • Do not save to a PDF instead of printing directly! If you do by mistake, redo your wallet, make a new one and trash that one.
  • Use to scan your public QR code on your paper wallet to show you the balance.
  • Lastly, do not be a fool and have your paper wallet in your back pocket at the club on a Saturday night… ESPECIALLY if you have both public and private keys on the wallet. If you lose your wallet, and someone finds it, you will have an empty wallet very quickly.


The Best Places to Make Your Paper Wallet
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The Best Places to Make Your Paper Wallet
Paper wallets are one of the oldest and most secure forms of a cryptocurrency wallet. They were what most people used before hardware wallets became available to store crypto securely offline.
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